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“Do you have a loved one with children? Great news, we offer gift certificates!”

365 ECS primarily offers in home emergency childcare services. These services include but are not limited to overnight newborn care, event childcare or just a simple date night, we have the solution. Reaching us is never difficult. You can be rest assured that your calls and emails will always be responded to promptly. We also offer military discounts serving all branches.

Onsite Childcare when you need us for:

  • PCS Move-Ins/Move Outs
  • Mom/Dad Mornings Out
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Promotions
  • Special Festivites
  • Balls & Gallas
  • Reserve Duty
  • Deployment Support

Reach Us

Whether you’re a busy family that needs a sitter periodically on a regular basis, or if you’re in a bind and need reliable childcare at the drop of a dime, we can help. Based on your needs and specifications, we will match your family with a dedicated care provider that you and your family will not only be comfortable but impressed, with. From your first phone call, our unique process takes into account, among other things, personality, needs, and expectations to match your family with the best possible fit.Our goal is to make the entire process as seamless as possible for you and we handle the rest!

Just so you know,
We Listen
We Pay Attention
real good.

You will always have a fully screened, certified and/or licensed care provider who will work with you and your family to incorporate engaging activities into your children’s routine based on your individual preferences. Each of our caregivers is held to the highest standards in providing the utmost in safety and quality, bringing more flexibility, more dependability, more security to your family.

Our childcare services

⦁ Care and support with multiples (twins, triplets and quadruplets)
⦁ Special needs (Autistic, down syndrome and more)
⦁ Newborn care
⦁ Overnight newborn care
⦁ Sick and well baby care
⦁ Assist with schoolwork and projects
⦁ Engage in arts and crafts
⦁ Assist with reading
⦁ Facilitate safe cooking and baking activities
⦁ Transportation to and from activities
⦁ Play games and sports
⦁ Hotel babysitting
⦁ And more

Newborn overnight care

We all hear about how important sleep is for children as they grow and develop but it generally seems to be accepted that sleep deprivation is the norm for new parents. As we all know, sleep is so important when it comes to functioning effectively throughout the day and yet when we need to be performing at our best i.e. looking after our new baby we have to manage on little rest. At 365 ECS we believe that parent’s sleep is important for happy families and our goal is to provide much-needed support and rest to new parents. Even one or two nights a week can make a significant difference.

Get some rest

We thrive to assure you can enjoy your special time with your new baby which is why our newborn overnight care service can be a lifesaver for a new family. Our night care providers will work with your family to accommodate your specific needs and requests.

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Planning an event can be stressful with long to-do lists and many things to consider. Happily, we can help with one of the most sensitive issues that always arise, and that is what to do with the children. We understand that your guests may have young children that need entertaining. That said, parents aren’t always comfortable leaving their children at home. We have the perfect solution and provide on-site childcare in a room close to where the event is located. We can cater to any number of children and will make sure they have as much fun as their parents do. We provide carefully screened, uniformed nannies along with games, activities and toys. Parents can pop in whenever they need to see their children but at the same time know the children are in safe hands and having fun. Alternatively, if your guests prefer, we can provide hotel sitters in the comfort and convenience of their hotel room.

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