We make families happy by giving them relief & peace of mind!

365 ECS Founded by a mom. Inspired by little ones. Dedicated to serve.

Luna Johnson, mother of three, founded this business in honor of joy, peace of mind & raising happy, thoughtful kids despite it all.

Meet My family

Our Why

We strive to eliminate the worry and work of trying to find a sitter for an evening out; for your sick nanny or child; for any unexpected obligation; or for the guest visiting the DMV!

We understand what busy, hectic, stressful lives you lead and understand that nothing is more important to you than the welfare of your children in your absence. Since you want the best for your kids, we provide high quality care with experienced, reliable, responsible, and loving care providers. Not only can you trust us to care for them, but you can be assured that they will have a fun and enriching experience while you are out.

Skip the resume searching, interviewing, and negotiation of finding your own sitter (especially with short notice)! 365 ECS care for children of all ages and in all capacities. Our professional care providers work in your home, your office, a hotel, and have the flexibility you require to fill in for you!

We envision being on speed dial for all parents who are business owners and working professionals that value quality, customized, reliable back up childcare.  

Our mission is to give parents who are business professionals peace of mind when it comes to back-up childcare to empower them to focus and thrive on their goals. 

365 ECS was designed to deliver parents extraordinary childcare services without hassle or countless hours on caretaker websites, no show interviews, and the never-ending scramble for a sitter. 365 ECS give parents the freedom and comfort of requesting a fully vetted, age appropriate, and experienced sitter at the click of a button while maintaining a personal approach through the entire process. 365 ECS encourages the lines of communication to be open at all times from both parents and sitters to ensure the best possible experience. 

Discretion is of paramount important to us. We will never use client information for any other reason but to communicate with you. We respect our clients’ privacy and protect our families from any other outside parties.